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RFID Access Control

Kartu Rfid Oleh Mitra Sedjati

Iso 14443A 13.56Mhz Rfid Mifare Card/Rfid Proximity Card.

Specifications Of Smart Card: 

1) Contactless Card

 Nxp Mifare 1K S50

 2.1 Mifare‚ Rf Interface (Iso/Iec 14443 A)
     ♦Contactless Transmission Of Data And Supply Energy (No Battery Needed)
     ♦Operating Distance: Up To 100Mm (Depending On Antenna Geometry)
     ♦Operating Frequency: 13.56 Mhz
     ♦Data Transfer: 106 Kbit/S
     ♦Data Integrity: 16 Bit Crc, Parity, Bit Coding, Bit Counting
     ♦Typical Ticketing Transaction: < 100 Ms (Including Backup Management)
2.2 Eeprom
     ♦1 Kbyte, Organized In 16 Sectors With 4 Blocks Of 16 Bytes Each (One Block Consists Of
 16 Byte)
     ♦User Definable Access Conditions For Each Memory Block
     ♦Data Retention Of 10 Years.
     ♦Write Endurance 100.000 Cycles
2.3 Security
     ♦Mutual Three Pass Authentication (Iso/Iec Dis 9798-2)
     ♦Individual Set Of Two Keys Per Sector (Per Application) To Support Multi-Application With
 Key Hierarchy

      ♦Unique Serial Number For Each Device   

  2) Contact Card


 • 100% Functional Compatibility To Sle 4442
• 256 X 8 Bit Eeprom Organization Of Data Memory
• 32 X 1 Bit Protection Memory
    – Byte-Wise Write Protection Of First 32 Addresses (Byte 0...31) Of Data Memory
    – Manufacturer Code For Unique Identification Of Application
• Data Memory (Addresses 0…255) Alterable Only After Verification Of 3-Byte
Programmable Security Code (Psc)
• Two-Wire Link Protocol
    – Byte-Wise Addressing
    – End Of Processing Indicated At Data Output
• Contact Configuration And Answer-To-Reset (Synchronous Transmission) In Accordance
To Standard Iso/Iec 7816
• Sophisticated Electrical Characteristics
    – Ambient Temperature –40 … +80°C For Chip, –25 … +80°C For Module
    – Supply Voltage 5 V ± 10 %
    – Supply Current < 3 Ma (Typical 600 Μa)
    – Eeprom Erase / Write Time 5 Ms   

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