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Mini Sounder Strobe
Mini Sounder Strobe
Mini Sounder Strobe
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Jual Mini Sounder Strobe

Spesifikasi Mini Sounder Strobe

Jual Mini Sounder Strobe/Strobo Light


Lampu Strobo Polisi


Specially designed for the users who need strobe light and large volume
Security Strobe Light Siren can receive signal of detector
Connect the red wire to the postive pole and the black wire to the negative pole
It can be armed/disarmed by remote control of panel. 
It must connect with the alarm control panel to supply the power and support to give alarm siren warning ,so to scare away the theft.


1) Sound with red strobe light 
2) Compatible with any burglar alarms 
1) Buzzer Level: >=108dB /30cm 
 2) Flash/ min: 150 times 
3) Rated Current: <=300 mA 
4) Rated Voltage: DC12V

5) Size: 120mm x 72mm x 45mm 
Net weight: 103g

Package content:

1 x Strobe Siren Light
2 x Installation screws


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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